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Trend de la Creme

Currently Obsessed With: Snowglobes

Admittedly, I've paid little attention to snowglobes for most of my adult life. (They lost their magical qualities by the time I reached puberty.) But a limited-edition snowglobe by designer Sonia Rykiel (featured in last month's British Vogue) reignited my interest in these liquid-filled dust collectors, and I've been mildly hooked ever since. As a matter of fact, I'm pleasantly surprised at how far they've come, and I'm not just talking about the kitsch five-and-dime versions.

Take the human snowglobe in Nashville, the world's largest snowglobe (a 'living' display to promote tourism by Ontario, Canada) and the Edible Snowglobe Cookie Kit. Or the 'virtual' variety, like the Xbox Live Digital Snowglobe, the iPhone Snowglobe application, the PETA Holiday Snowglobe, and the The Weepies Virtual Snowglobe. (Hearts on Fire and Glade also have virtual snowglobes that allow you to add your own personal touches.) There are even museum's dedicated to them, like the "Snow Dome Museum" in Tokyo, Japan and the Vienna Schneekugelmuseum in Austria (German for "Vienna Snow Globe Museum").

Suffice it to say, there's enough snowglobe action going on to keep me entertained until this time next year. (Now if we could just get somebody to create a Karl Lagerfeld version with snowflakes shaped like Chanel logos...)

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